An Abundance of Good Fortune

October 3, 2012
Dear Handi Quilter,

We have an abundance of good fortune in September to report:

The City Quilter is one of the small businesses profiled in a public television documentary series and Rizzoli-published hardbound book by the same name, New York Originals. Featured are “small gems” in NYC that have “stood the test of time.”

We were selected by Zagat’s 2013 New York City Shopping Guide as the best “fabric/notions” store in New York City in this latest edition. Zagat is now a Google subsidiary., a leading online source of instructional videos which answers the question, “How do I do this…?” for millions of people each month, recruited Cathy Izzo & The City Quilter to create 32 segments covering basic quilting.

I’ve attached releases that provide more background on all three topics. I thought this information might be of interest.


The City Quilter
133 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001

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