We would like to introduce you to iPatternStudio™, from Creative Designer Lines Wyoming. iPatternStudio is a computerized system that organizes and backs up digital patterns. The next version 1.5 supports HQ Pro-Stitcher® .hqf format.

iPatternStudio makes it easy to find a specific digital design in your growing library using with simple searches based on basic information, keywords, and your own notes. Patterns are downloaded to a USB flash drive and then transferred to HQ Pro-Stitcher for use. It works equally well with Windows and Apple computers.

In addition to being a powerful pattern organizer, iPatternStudio includes a pattern marketplace that makes it easy for HQ Pro-Stitcher users to search for, purchase, and download patterns, saving time and energy as you search for digital quilting motifs.

If you are a pattern designer, iPatternStudio is looking for additional pattern authors to join their marketplace.

Find more information about iPatternStudio at iPatternStudio.com.

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