Interview with HQ Ambassador Suzanne Hyland

You won’t want to miss this interview by QNN TV with  HQ Ambassador, Suzanne Hyland. Suzanne is an accomplished quilter and the inventor of Machingers, the popular machine quilting gloves. In the video you’ll learn how she became a quilter, how she came to design Machingers, and see some of her quilts.

Machingers are specifically designed for machine quilters and have fully coated fingertips to provide excellent grip with less resistance and drag on your fabric. They are lightweight and form-fitting to enable you to pull up bobbin thread, thread needle, clip threads, adjust fabrics, and add or remove pins. Machingers are available from Handi Quilter for $8.00 in sizes from extra small to extra large.

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  1. Debra Neiman says:

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    I love machiners, have several pairs. I also like having lotion on my hands without worry of staining my fabric.