Why Quilts Matter: Politics, Art & History

“Quilts are said to be the largest mass movement that most people don’t know exists.” — Bernie Herman

If you are one of the 21 million quilters in the U.S., you already know about this “mass movement”. But are you familiar with Why Quilts Matter: Politics, Art & History? Handi Quilter was pleased to be one of the funding sponsors of this documentary produced by The Kentucky Quilt Project.

I hope your local PBS station aired the 9-part documentary (mine did!). If you were able to see the series, no doubt you appreciate more than ever the important role quilts have played over the last two centuries, when quilting was one of the few ways women could convey political views, record their personal stories and express their artistic sides.

The entire series is now available on DVD. What a great Christmas gift for the quilter! What a great addition to any quilt guild.

WhyQuiltsMatter.org is running a special holiday promo of FREE shipping (US and Canada) for the two-DVD set, a newly published companion Discussion Guide, and a DVD/Guide package: This offer is exclusively available through orders placed on the WQM website.  The package is $39.95 if you want the discussion guide electronically, or $45.95 if you want a hard copy of the discussion guide.

They also offer a special discount of 40% on orders of four or more DVDs to quilt guilds .

The nine episodes include:

  1. Antique and Contemporary Quilts
  2. Quilts Bring History Alive
  3. The Quilt Marketplace
  4. What is Art?
  5. Gee’s Bend: “The Most Famous Quilts in America?”
  6. How Quilts have been Viewed and Collected
  7. Empowering Women One Quilt at a Time
  8. Quilt Nation: 20,000,000 and Counting!
  9. Quilt Scholarship: Romance and Reality

Profits from sales of the DVD, Discussion Guide, and DVD/Guide package are returned to The Kentucky Quilt Project to fund new educational resources for quilters and quilt scholars.

As one quilter said: “This series makes me proud to say that I’m a quilter. I no longer need to explain myself, or justify the importance of what I do.” You too will be proud to be a quilter.

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