Needles: HQ vs. Domestic Sewing Machine

Recently Rhonda Bracey, a blogger and Handi Quilter HQ Sweet Sixteen owner from Western Australia, recently did a great blog post about the differences between the needles used by Handi Quilter machines and domestic sewing machine needles. Although her post was directed at HQ Sweet Sixteen owners, it is applicable to all HQ machines and we recommend you read her post because it has some great information that is worth reviewing.

You’ll want to check out the rest of her blog as well. Rhonda has some useful tutorials that will be helpful to HQ owners. The tutorials include topics about maintaining her HQ Sweet Sixteen, free-motion quilting, and thread choice — not to mention tips for quilting in general.

And be sure to check out her quilts. Rhonda has been generous with her time (and fabric) as she has made many community quilts!

Rhonda’s local HQ rep is Handcrafters House in Perth, Australia.

Great job Rhonda. And thanks for sharing your knowledge with the HQ quilting community.

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