Accurate Quarter-Inch Seams

How do you make sure you have an accurate quarter-inch seam? Of course, you probably already use a quarter-inch foot for your sewing machine.

But have you tried any other tools out there?

This tip came from Paula Barnes of Red Crinoline Quilts at a recent retreat. Lay a small rotary ruler (say 1″ by 6″) along the right side of your quarter-inch foot. Use blue painter’s tape to tape it to your machine.

Others have used moleskin, weather-stripping tape, and stacks of sticky notes to do the same thing. There are also many commercial seam guides available for this same purpose. I’ve used Qtools Sewing Edge and like it.

What works for you? Here’s what works for our Facebook friends.


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2 Responses to Accurate Quarter-Inch Seams

  1. Buck Sweis says:

    The weeked I read similar article but this one is 100 times more interesting.

  2. Jada Kraft says:

    I measured out 1/4″ from needle with my add a quarter ruler, and taped a piece of fabric onto my sewing machine.