Binding Your Quilt

HQ quilting tip of the day: Love it or hate it, all quilts need to be bound. (My mother binds all of my quilts. I do the machine part and she does the hand-sewing part. Thank you, Mom!) To make it easier for her, I invested in lots of binding clips so she wouldn’t get stuck with the pins. To make it easier on myself, I use a walking foot to attach the binding to the quilt.

But most importantly, remember to make sure the binding is tight around the quilt edge and complete “stuffed” with fabric and batting. It not only will look better, but it will wear better too. Check out this great tutorial for binding your quilts.

Do you have any binding tips to share? These are the tips from our Facebook followers.

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3 Responses to Binding Your Quilt

  1. Barb says:

    Doing hand binding is a good way to put your love in the quilts. I love to sit and do them in the evening.

  2. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the added tip about binding clips!

  3. Jada Kraft says:

    I know that binding the quilt myself really finishes the quilts and I have the satisfaction of creating, quilting, and binding (finishing) without relying on someone to sew it onto the quilt. I have to admit, hand finishing looks better than by machine. I tried the machine binding and it didn’t look so great.
    I, as well use little paper binding clips. They work great, and helps keep the binding moving right along and even looking.