Determining the Value of a Fabric

Ever have a difficult time deciding whether a fabric is a medium or light value? Or a medium or dark value? Break out that digital camera!

After you’ve assembled your fabrics for a quilt, organize them into piles by value — dark, medium, and light. Take a digital photo and load into a photo editing program (Picasa, which is free, works great for this.) Then use the option to change the photo to gray scale. You’ll quickly see which fabrics need to be moved to a different pile.

See the Facebook post and comments here.

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3 Responses to Determining the Value of a Fabric

  1. says:

    I am a beginner and I do not understand why the starred fabric doesn’t fit in the pile of fabrics. What is wrong with it?

  2. Debra Jean says:

    I have used my priter to the same effect. Cut small pieces of your selected fabrics, paste or tape to a paper. Insert into printer, copy – using ‘grey scale’. This is a HUGE help, especially when color and design can fool the eye. The ‘grey scale’ filters out this confusion, as can be seen in the example. DJ