Finishing Quilts

Have you seen any of Handi Quilter’s 2013 ads in quilting magazines? If not, take a look here and watch for them in the quilting magazines you read.  Aren’t they gorgeous? Do you have a favorite? (I know I do!) Do you recognize any of the quilters?

And the ads are all about why we want to get our quilts FINISHED!

Why do you “finish quilts”?

Finishing quilts passes on traditions.

Finishing quilts honors our veterans.

Finishing quilts warms my family.

Finishing quilts gives life to my creative spirit.

Finishing quilts is a Piece O’ Cake.

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13 Responses to Finishing Quilts

  1. Lois Miller says:

    I quilt for three different charities and give away approximately 30-40 per year. In the last three years I have donated 20 quilts to Quilts of Valour (the Canadian version).

  2. Jada Kraft says:

    I quilt to save myself of the middle man, and for my satisfaction of starting a quilt from beginning to end. It is only because of my HQ Sixteen investment, there are times I wish I went with a bigger long arm machine, but I am pretty new to this quilting world. (From top to bottom)

  3. sharon s says:

    I quilt for my favorite charities. It makes me happy to finish quilting a quilt knowing the recipient, a child, senior or someone going through cancer treatments will enjoy it. My quilting is not perfect but the person recieving it will love it and that makes me happy.

  4. Julia says:

    I finish quilts to say it was made by me and me alone. A great sense of accomplishment inspires me to do more quilting and share my work with others.

    • Nancy says:

      Great reason! It’s nice to control the entire creative process from start to finish! And even better to share the end result with others.

  5. gloria courtney says:

    maybe you should correct the spelling of PIECE in the last ad “peice” of cake. Otherwise nice ads.

  6. Louise Boulet says:

    Thank you nancy, I love quilts because it is a craft for all levels of talent

    Happy stitching


  7. First I call my quilts HUGS. Many of my quilts are made of flannel and given to special recipients who need to know that there is someone thinking of them and praying for them for whatever journey that they are going through.

    My HUGS are not fancy and certainly not museum quality but for me they are priceless.

    This is why I finish quilts. Loulabelle (my Avante) and I are best buds.

    Happy quilting