Pre-washing Fabric

So do you prewash your fabrics? If so, what are your tips? Do you use any detergent when you prewash? Do you prepare the fabric in any way (such as serge the edges or cut off the corners) to minimize fraying? Do you starch and fold the fabric when it is dry?

I’m in the camp of not prewashing — mostly because I buy a lot of fat quarters and I don’t want to deal with the fraying and ironing when dry. Plus I simply like the results of my sewing better when using fabric that hasn’t been prewashed.

However, I ALWAYS prewash fabric that is going into a baby quilt to make sure any chemicals or extra dyes are removed. I use ORVIS soap, dry in dryer until almost dry, and press with steam (and Best Press) before cutting into pieces.

And I test my red fabrics by putting a small square into hot, hot water to see if it bleeds. If it does, it definitely gets washed.

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2 Responses to Pre-washing Fabric

  1. Jada Kraft says:

    The only fabric I choose to pre-wash are red fabrics. I do not wash my other fabrics.