Pressing vs. Ironing

Let’s talk about pressing seams. You already know the basics: press, don’t “iron”. This means gently nudge the seam with the iron and let the iron (and steam if you use it) do the work. Up and down motion, rather than a pushing motion. This helps with block accuracy.

But the real question is: do you always press the seam allowance to the darker fabric? Or, do you press the way the seam allowance naturally wants to go or the way it should go for constructing the blocks? My preference is to press for ease of joining segments or blocks. And if there’s no right or wrong way and I want to minimize bulk, I press the seam open and flat.

What works for you? Here’s what our Facebook friends had to say.


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One Response to Pressing vs. Ironing

  1. Jada Kraft says:

    I seam press toward the darker fabric, except on my second panel. I make star quilts and alter my seams.