Another Useful App for Planning Your Quilting

If you’re an iPad user, try this free app called You Doodle.

Simply snap a photo of your quilt or quilt block and load it into You Doodle. Then use the sketching tool to try out different quilting designs.

In the photo I just used my finger. I would have had more control by using a capacitive stylus designed for touch screens. Do you know of similar apps for other tablet computers?

Do you think you would use this app to audition quilting motifs?

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5 Responses to Another Useful App for Planning Your Quilting

  1. Nikki says:

    there’s another app for androids called Jot Free – I just started using it a little bit and will be downloading these other apps and trying them too. It is a wonderful app to be able to use to give clients an idea of how you’re going to quilt their quilts – it’s good for me too – and being able to email the photos is great! thanks for the other app names!

  2. Jeannette says:

    Hi I use a Samsung android tablet and use the software Snote which came with my tablet. I take a photo and sketch ideas and then show the client. I have even used this method to show a client who was not able to visit my studio by sending the sketch idea to her by email for approval before I started.

    • Nancy says:

      Jeannette: Thanks for letting us know about a great Android app for the same purpose. I’m glad it works well for collaborating with your clients.

  3. SharO says:

    I use Skitch. It has lots of good features.