Edge-to-Edge Quilting

Today’s tip is about edge-to-edge quilting. What is it? Why would you choose an edge-to-edge motif? What are the best ways to do edge-to-edge quilting? How do you pick a good edge-to-edge quilting motif?

Edge-to-edge (or “E2E”) quilting is simply quilting from one edge of the quilt to the other with the same all-over design. Once you complete one section across the quilt, you move the quilt and do the next section. Use E2E for the entire quilt, including borders, or just the center of the quilt.

Why would you choose E2E rather than do a custom quilting motif?

  • Perhaps the fabric choices in the quilt are fairly busy and there aren’t open areas where custom quilting will show up well.
  • Or there is no custom design that you think will work well in the quilt. Remember you probably want to repeat the design in different areas, even though it isn’t an all-over design.
  • Maybe you just want to get the quilt done quick! An E2E design will be quicker than doing custom quilting.
  • Perhaps you are still developing your quilting skills and simply have more confidence with an E2E design than doing something custom and free hand.
  • And, of course, if you quilt for clients, this is usually a less expensive and quicker option for them as well.

What are your options for quilting edge to edge?

Use pantographs

Use groovy boards

Use digital E2E designs in HQ Pro-Stitcher

Picking an E2E Motif

There are so many E2E options to choose from. How do you decide? Here are some things to consider:

  • Is the quilt traditional or modern?
  • Is it for a child, or perhaps use novelty prints that suggest a theme?
  • Will the quilt be used seasonally, such as for Christmas or Halloween?
  • Is the quilt masculine? Feminine?
  • Does it have a nature or floral theme?
  • Do the fabrics feature any animals?
  • Or a theme isn’t applicable — do you just want a design to hold the quilt sandwich together because it won’t show up anyway?

So why not do some E2E designs on quilt tops you need to finish up!

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