Introduction to Micro Handles

Do you love the look of micro quilting? If so, you’ll want to consider adding micro handles to your HQ18 Avante, HQ24 Fusion or HQ Sixteen. In fact, many quilters like to use micro handles for all of their quilting.

Today’s post is about the handles themselves, and tomorrow’s post will show some of the amazing options for micro quilting. Here’s a preview. Don’t you love the basket weave design? Here it’s used in the border of the quilt, and of course, on the baskets themselves.

Micro handles from Handi Quilter are unique in that they are designed specifically for our machines. The integrate seamlessly with the software and electronics of the machine, have the same controls as the regular handles, and have extra LED lights for illuminating the quilting area.

What’s even better, they are intended to be used while you are seated. If you don’t already have an adjustable stool, consider adding one to your studio so you can quilt while seated. and if the stool has wheels, it’s easy to move from side to side as you work on your quilt.

Adjusting the Micro Handles

Adjust the micro handles forward or backward by loosening the hex screw in the bracket.

Adjust the height of the micro handles by loosening the star knob on top of the micro handles.

Sometimes you’ll want the handles right down by the needle. Other times, you’ll want them farther from the needle. In either case, you want to make sure there is clearance between the handles and the front poles.

Here’s a short video that summarizes how to use the micro handles:

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2 Responses to Introduction to Micro Handles

  1. Debbie Hayes says:

    I’m interested in micro handles. De you have brochure or price list? Have an HQ Fusion.