Piecing Batting Pieces Together

If you’ve quilted for very long, no doubt you have your share of batting scraps. How do you use them up? Here are some ways to piece them together so you can use them with quilts.

Begin with two edges that are perfectly aligned. If needed, lay one edge over the other and rotary-cut a straight edge. Some will cut a wavy line rather than a straight line so the seam is less obvious.

1) Place two straight edges together and whip stitch by hand or machine zig-zag stitch.
2) Place two straight edges together and use one of the fusible products to join the pieces. (Heat Press Batting Together, Bosal Batting Seam Tape, and Heat ‘n’ Bond Batting Seam Tape. The come in different length rolls and different widths.

(Photo from Keepsake Quilting.)

How do you use your batting scraps?

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