Planning Your Quilt Borders with Quilting in Mind

Here’s one more thing to think about when piecing the quilt.

Too often the borders are almost an afterthought. By the time we’ve gotten the quilt assembled, we just want to get those borders on so we can be done! The borders on this small, scrappy quilt look fine don’t they?

The fabric in the borders is great inspiration for how to quilt them. Wouldn’t this be cute if it were quilted in a cross-hatch design echoing the fabric design?

Unfortunately, this was a case where the borders were added without any forethought to the quilting.

With a little planning (and maybe a little extra fabric so the fabric could have been matched, perhaps by mitering the corners), imagine how easy it would have been to do a consistent cross-hatch design throughout the borders.

Or imagine if this quilt had the border fabrics cut so that the floral design were centered in the vertical borders like it is in the horizontal borders.

Look at what we could do if the borders featured the floral fabric consistently.

We could create an interesting diamond design, echo the flower in the bigger diamond, and do piano keys out to the edges of the border.

Yes, it is one more thing to think about when making your quilt — but the results when you start to quilt it will be worth it!

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