Deciding How to Quilt Your Quilt

There’s no one right way to quilt your top. But the quilt will “whisper” to you some possibilities. Hang your quilt on a design wall (or do as I do — I hang it over my bannister so I can look at it over a few days as I move about my home).

What does the overall theme of the quilt “tell” you about how to quilt it?

Perhaps the negative space within the basket handle could have a floral design as if the baskets had flowers in them.

What about the baskets themselves? Perhaps stitch in the ditch?

Echo the ditch stitching with another line through the half-square triangles?

Or how about doing a wavy, squiggle-stitch instead of stitching in the ditch? The curved quilting lines are a nice contrast to the straight geometric lines of the piecing (not to mention quicker and easier to quilt).

But what about the black areas between the blocks? Quilting with a dark thread won’t show up on the dark fabric — which may be what you want. You could do an overall filler design just to hold the quilt sandwich together.

But if you want the quilting to show, switch to a lighter thread and consider framing the basket with some interesting quilting.

Whatever you choose, remember YOU are the QUEEN of your quilt!

By the way, we used Quilter’s Preview Paper to audition these different quilting designs. No one should be without this valuable tool!




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