Using Golden Threads Paper and Pounce Powder

Have you discovered the many ways of using Golden Threads paper?

It comes in three widths: 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches.

The most obvious way to use Golden Threads paper is to overlay it on your quilt and mark your quilting design on the paper. But then you have some options.

Quilt right through the paper. Attach the paper to your quilt top. You can pin it to your quilt, but we recommend using the Elmer’s Dot Stamper, which quickly adds small sticky-dots to the back of the paper (avoiding the marked quilting lines). Overlay the paper on your quilt top and stitch away. When you’re through quilting, the paper easily tears away and no one is the wiser!

Create a stencil with Golden Threads paper. Perhaps you want to repeat the same quilting motif in various areas of the quilt and want to quickly, easily and consistently mark the quilt. Simply draw the design on one piece of Golden Threads paper and use your sewing machine (without thread) to stitch on the quilting line — thereby creating tiny holes in the paper and creating your own stencil. If you want to create multiple copies of the stencil, layer multiple pieces of Golden Threads paper below the marked sheet before you perforate the lines.

You’re now ready to use the pounce pad and powder to mark the quilt motif. Lay the perforated Golden Threads paper where you want to mark the quilt. Load the pounce pad with powder by pouncing it in its box. But here’s the tip: you don’t pounce the pounce pad on the paper — you gently rub the pounce pad across the perforated paper.Your motif has quickly been transferred to the quilt. Continue marking as needed or turn on that machine and get stitching.

Note that this is also the technique you follow when using the pounce pad and paper with commercial stencils. Rub, don’t pounce. Pouncing is just for getting the powder distributed through the pounce pad.

Cheryl Barnes has produced a helpful video showing how to use Golden Threads paper to make your own stencils.

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