Using Pounce Powder to Mark Quilts, Part 1

Aren’t we always looking for the next, best way to mark quilts? This isn’t a new method, but perhaps this post has some tips you haven’t tried. These tips came from HQ Studio Educator Marie Eldredge.

Have you used a pounce pad? What about that blue pounce powder that seems to get everywhere?

Tip 1: Mix a tablespoon of the blue pounce powder with a cup of talc or baby powder. This lightens up the blue color but you’ll still be able to see the marked lines. Then just use it as usual in your pounce pad.

Tip 2: Try Ultimate Pounce Powder in your pounce pad. This is a white powder, so it is best with medium and dark fabrics. But what you’ll love about it is that it irons off. (You can also brush it off like other powders.) You’ll probably want to pick up a second pounce pad so one can be loaded with the blue powder and one with the iron-off Ultimate Pounce Powder.

Tip 3: So you’ve marked your quilt — but you’re not going to be able to start quilting immediately. After you’ve marked the quilt with Ultimate Pounce Powder, lightly mist the marked areas with water. This helps to set the powder — and it still irons off when you’re done quiltilng. (Don’t mist the blue powder, however!!)

Tip 4: Load your Chaco-liner with Ultimate Pounce Powder (as suggested by both The Modern Seamstress and HQ Studio Educator Marie Eldredge) and take advantage of the iron-off properties of the powder and the precision of marking lines with the liner.

Watch for tomorrow’s post where we’ll discuss using the pounce pad with Golden Threads paper.


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