The Latest by the HQ Studio Educators

Do you read American Patchwork & Quilting magazine? If so, you know that this year the HQ Studio Educators have quilted one of the color options for a quilt in each issue.

We missed sharing with you their work from the June 2013 issue: Haberdashery by Paula Barnes. This is the original quilt:

And this is the color and fabric variation quilted by HQ Studio Educator Vicki Hoth:

Here’s Vicki using circle templates to do a continuous curve:

Vicki used HQ Pro-Stitcher to quilt the border and setting squares:

And here’s the quilting done by the educators from the August 2013 issue: Row Houses by Avis Shirer of Joined at the Hip.

Here’s is the original quilt:

And here’s the color and fabric variation with great quilting by HQ Studio Educators Marie Eldredge and Angie Balling:

Great job ladies!

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