The One Million Stitches Club

Have you checked the stitch counter on your Handi Quilter machine lately?

HQ national educator Debby Brown did and discovered that her HQ Sweet Sixteen, Hazel, just passed one million stitches!

Any suggestions as to how Debby should celebrate? (We think she should buy some thread to get started on the next million stitches!)

How close are you to one million stitches? Have you already passed that milestone? Are you on your way? Download one of the One Million Stitches club buttons below and feel free to add it to your blog or Facebook page.

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14 Responses to The One Million Stitches Club

  1. Claudia B Furois says:

    I got my HQ Sweet Sixteen sit down quilter in June of 2011. I just passed 11 million stitches on it. All of the stitches were done on charity or family quilts by me. I donate quilts to our local Veterans Administration Hospital, and I try to get at least 30 twin-sized quilts a year to them. At least half of these are my favorite colors of red, white and blue. I also donate to a children’s psychiatric hospital and a youth group home.

  2. Betty Hernandez says:

    I bought my Advante in October of 2011. I currently have 46,545,423. Just had it fully serviced and it is still running strong. LOVE THIS MACHINE. Still have my HQ16 that I bought in September 2005 and use it mainly for charity work. Would love to know how many stitches are on it.