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The Basics - September 9-12, October 7-10, 2015

Basic Maintenance

Needles, Tension, Threading, Cleaning, Loading, Basic Rulers, Stencils and Freehand Designs.

Join us for the basics of longarm quilting. We will review the care and maintenance of the machine and will introduce various ways to apply your designs to your quilt. You will learn the theory of stitch formation and how the right combination of threads, needles and tension adjustment can have you creating beautiful stitches.

Threads Class

Don't let the tension of tension get you down. We have the cure for you. Join us to find out how easy adjusting the tension on your HQ quilting machine can be. Have fun stitching with a variety of thread weights and types, from cotton to polyester, from monofilament to metallics, even silk while learning how to adjust the tension. When you figure out tension, you're in control.

By the end of this class you'll feel at ease adjusting the tension with any kind of thread. Thread will be your new best friend and no longer the enemy.


Pantographs are called the bread and butter of quilting. It’s a quick easy way to quilt a design using a paper pattern. You will learn how to use a pantograph for edge-to-edge quilting. Learn how to use the laser light, how to place the pantograph correctly, how to advance the quilt with correct spacing, how to line up interlocking patterns and stitch out multiple passes. The end result is beautiful quilting.

Rulers and Templates

Good ruler technique will add great precision to your quilting and will open up a whole new world of designs to you. Learn how to use rulers and templates safely for perfect stitch-in-the-ditch and straight line quilting. Learn how to use curved templates to create shapes and stitch around applique or embroidery designs. This class is all about using rulers in practical application - - on lots of different quilt blocks. You will create a sampler for your own reference in your quilting at home.

Freehand Designs

Simple line drawings will turn into continuous-line quilting patterns. Start off with our fun seasonal designs and learn how drawing them over and over builds the muscle memory for confident quilting. “Back to the Machines” will be your favorite words.  See your drawings come alive with thread and texture and picture it on quilts of your own. As you learn this technique you will see how to apply designs to borders, blocks and all over quilts.

Cost $775