Deb Karasik

Deb Karasik

I am a self taught quilter, but my journey has been amazing so far! In the fall of 2000, I found out my daughter was pregnant with triplets! If that wasn't enough incentive to dive into quilting, nothing was. Sure, I had made some very basic quilts for my children, about 30 years ago, but nothing since then.

Off I rushed to a local quilt shop and was introduced to the rotary cutter (which I totally blame for my addiction to quilting!) Who knew there could be such a nifty little tool out there? I admit I went a little wild, and by the time the babies came home from the hospital, they each had 8 quilts to cuddle with. But I wasn't done there...

I started making larger quilts and quickly got bored with all the basic designs out there. Then I saw a NY Beauty quilt in a magazine and fell in love. I saw this quilt and decided I needed to play with spikes. Besides, I thought to myself, how hard could they be?

When I ventured into a local quilt shop and started buying fabrics for my first NY Beauty quilt, I was told I should reconsider, as they were much too difficult for a novice such as myself to try and make. With the challenge on the table, I KNEW I could do this. That was five years ago in 2002, and I've never looked back. I design all of my own patterns now, and most have very little resemblance to NY Beauties, but they do all have spikes!

I now hold the esteemed title of Queen of Spikes! One must always have a title, don't you think?

With my book (that I co-authored with Janet Mednick, QuiltMavens Perfect paper Piecing) newly released, I find that there are simply tons of other quilters out there that love spikes too!

Deb Karasik
San Francisco, California