Kim Brunner

Kim Brunner

I have the great good luck to come from a long line of quilters. Growing up, I spent my school vacations at my grandparents' farm where my grandmother, who had the patience of a saint with a little girl and her clumsy fingers, taught me to do all kinds of handwork (probably in a desperate attempt to keep me from going out and terrorizing the chickens). Her love of quilting, and my desire to grow up to be just like Grandma, has led me to an amazing and rewarding career as a professional quilter. And as if that weren't enough fun, quilting has led me to teaching which is, I believe, exactly where I’m supposed to be. I get to teach quilting stuff to happy and creative people!

I love that my job allows me to spend almost every day of my life in pursuit of creative pleasures. Drawing new quilting designs, developing innovative new techniques, creating new classes and DVDs, cutting up perfectly good fabric into little bitty pieces and then sewing it all back together again to make quilts and above all, teaching new quilters to believe in themselves and their abilities is my idea of a wonderful life and I am so grateful to Grandma for setting my feet on this path. My joy lies in being able to wake up every morning and play with my quilty toys. Who would have thought that being a grown-up would be so much fun?

My work has been published in numerous books, magazines and calendars and, honored with the title of Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year, I regularly teach at national and international machine quilting festivals and shows. In addition to teaching I make guest appearances on quilting-related television and radio programs, but my very favorite way to spend a day is in my studio with my HQ18 Avante, turning my fabric dreams into a quilty reality.

For more information, please visit my web site at where we are deeply committed to infusing quilters with the confidence that stems from developing a growing mastery of one’s craft.

Avatar Quilt by Kim Brunner

Spiral Quilt by Kim Brunner