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Precision Glide Track Upgrade

edited September 2011 in Ask An HQ Expert
In talking with Karen (HQ) she indicated to my husband that the upgrade kit for the QuilTable doesn't include the "new poles" with the hand-wheel and larger diameter that are available on the studio frame, but does come with slightly larger poles than the original. Also that there is an additional charge over the upgrade kit to send my carriage back to HQ to have it adapted to fit my 16 and ProStitcher, as it is the carriage for the Avante.

Can you tell us what is included with the upgrade, pictures maybe? What's the correct information?


  • Dear Divechime,
    There are two new upgrade kits that will be available for current HQ Sixteen owners who have QuilTables, HQ Adjustable Tables or one of the early HQ Studio Frames that had the white tracks. The first kit will have the Precision-Glide track system that is featured on the current HQ Studio Frame. It will include a new carriage with wheels made especially for this track system.

    The second kit is a pole kit that includes new sidearms and the same pole system that is currently found on the HQ Studio Frame. This pole system is larger in diameter and includes the hand wheel, bearings and the snap-in system.

    Owners who have HQ Pro-Stitcher for HQ Sixteen who purchase the new track upgrade kit will have an additional fee to upgrade their new carriage for their Pro-Stitcher system. Those prices are still being determined and will include a few variables, because there were a couple of different Pro-Stitcher iterrations through the years.

    I don't have a photo yet, but when I do, it will be posted in the product section of this website, under Tables and Frames.

    Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to correct some misinformation. We've spoken with our team to clear up that miscommunication.

    Best regards,
    Brenda Groelz
    Director of Marketing & Education
    Handi Quilter, Inc.
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