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Use prostitcher to baste layers for handquilting

edited September 2011 in Ask An HQ Expert
I am looking for advice on using my Prostitcher to machine baste a very large quilt in preparation for hand-quilting. I was thinking to use channel lock feature, but maybe there is a better way?


  • Maryann,

    You can put your machine in manual mode at around 17 to 20 percent and move your machine quickly across your quilt and it will make large stitches.

    Mindy Powell
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator
  • Can you explain the 17 to 20 percent? I have not heard this terminolgy before.
  • Thank you Cheryl, I will try this. Yes I have the HQ 16 and I am familiar with handle/manual control. I just had not heard of the speed being expressed in terms of a percentage....
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