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Difficulty with free motion quilting - would upgraded tracks and poles help?

edited October 2011 in Ask An HQ Expert
Before I had the Prostitcher, my HQ16 glided smoothly in all directions with very little pressure. Since installing the Prostitcher, she has developed a mind of her own. I disengage all gears, and set her to Manual - Handlebar control. I am able to free motion quilt this way, but she just doesn't glide as easily as she use to. Also, she seems to have a mind of her own - she suddenly takes off either horizontally or vertically. This is not just a lack of practise on my part. When I go over the same area, she does exactly the same thing in the same spot. Any suggestions?

Would the upgraded tracks and poles help with this?

Lorna in Alberta


  • I had difficulty moving my HQ with prostitcher in certain spots and it was because the buttons on the bottom pole at the back were pointing down and there wasn't enough clearance over the machine. I swiveled the pole around and voila, problem solved.
  • Thanks for that liberty

    I have done that, but it isn't the issue in my case.
  • I discovered that the tracks which the machine ride on have gotten gouged.....thus when doing free motion without gears engaged I experience the same "jumping" around that you descirbe... I am to the point that I want to replace the carriage that my machine sets on...not an easy task.
  • My tracks have some gouges - this is why I was wondering upgrading the tracks would help. The upgraded tracks are metal, I think, so probably wouldn't gouge as quickly.

    Thanks Astoriagal

  • Check to see that both cogs are clear of their tracks and not binding in that area.

    Pete (Manotick, Ontario)
  • Lorna,

    Please contact Mike in our Technical Solutions Department at 1-877-697-8458 Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM MST.

    Mindy Powell
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator
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