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HQ Sweet Sixteen with extra head unit for sale NE Texas

I have an HQ Sixteen for sale. It includes the frame as well as an extra head unit. I believe it is a 12-foot frame but would need to measure to be sure. It belonged to my mom who is now in the nursing home and she is unable to communicate to answer any questions. She kept it regularly serviced and it is currently in great condition. I believe she bought it in 2004. She also bought an extra head unit so that she would be able to quilt while it was being serviced. The whole set up is $4500 OBO. It has been used recently as she has it set up where several of her friends in her quilting group come to quilt.


  • Price reduced to $4000. This is an awesome deal as you would be getting an extra head unit that is in great condition. It was used as backup when the other one was sent to be serviced. Need to sell as it is taking up a lot of space.
  • Is this still available?
  • Yes it is still available.
  • Is it setup?
  • No, it is not set up any longer.
  • The 2 machines can be sold separately. The machine with the frame is priced at $2500 and the other unit is $2000. Neither machine has the stitch regulator.
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