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Using an HQ 16 with Innove frame?

edited April 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
Hi! I recently bought an HQ 16 secondhand. I now want a good frame and a lady near me is selling her Innova 12' frame. It's a nice frame and for the convenience of it being close, I really want to get it. My question is, will my machine work with this setup?


  • Hi, you might want to contact Innova to see if it will work. The contact info can be found at They're great people and should be able to help you. It's a really nice frame.
  • Thank you!
  • Dear rokker_013,
    Please be sure that you have purchased an HQ Sixteen that was used on a frame and not one that was used as a sit-down machine. Did you get a carriage with your machine?

    Unfortunately, we can't offer an opinion on whether or not the machine will work with a frame from another company. We simply don't have any information about Innova frames.

    You are welcome to visit any Handi Quilter retailers to see an HQ Studio Frame and to find out how to upgrade your HQ Sixteen machine to work with our newest frame technology, if you are unsuccessful in finding another frame to work with your machine.

    Best regards,
    Brenda Groelz
    Director of Marketing & Education
    Handi Quilter, Inc.
  • Yes, absolutely you can convert to an Innova table. I put my Babylock Jewel on an Innova 12' table. I had to make a custom carriage from the Innova style carriage, but once we got the length and width of that correct to fit the Jewel and got the stitch regulator in place, everything was perfect. I love my Innova table.
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