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HQ Fusion w/ Pro Stitcher Firmware Issue

edited December 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert

I have an HQ Fusion w/ Pro Stitcher. I recently updated the firmware from the last release to the current release (.041). When I applied the update the machine would no longer stitch. It would follow the design pattern but the needle would not move. I rolled back the firmware to the recommended rollback level (.025) and the machine is performing correctly (following the pattern and stitching). I attempted to re-upgrade again after rolling back and got the same result (I subsequently rolled the machine back down again so my wife could continue to quilt). Is this a known issue or are there some other steps we need to attempt?


Craig Goebel


  • Hi Craig - was it the Prostitcher software you upgraded, not the firmware? If so check the "current and past version release notes right next to the download. You may have older firmware. From what I understand though there was a fix and the only part of the upgrade that does not now work with the older firmware is the EZ Record so you may best call Handi Quilter tech support. To upgrade your firmware, the C Pod has to be sent in to Handi Quilter.
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