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squaring up large backing

edited February 2014 in General
I am relatively new to long arm quilting. In the past, I never really worried about squaring up a backing because my quilts were not too large and just for family. I would like to improve all my techniques now that I have an Avante. I am really having problem squaring up large pieced backing to load onto the frame. How do you do the "slide the selvage sides" technique with a large backing?


  • Go to Kimmy Brunner's website and read her tutorial on backings which include instructions on squaring up large backs.
    She really explains the process well
  • I have gone to Kimmy Brunner website, she tell all. Great and wonderful, so full of answers.
  • Sweep or dust mop, then lay backing out on the floor. I marked a grid on my concrete basement floor into 12 inch blocks with a sharpie. (Could also use the squares in vinyl flooring as guides.) I line up the selvage edges with the grid and check that the opposite edges are parallel to each other. If not, I mark and trim one side to be parallel with the other. Then mark the center of one edge and the corresponding point on the opposite edge. Those marks are used to pin to the center line of each leader. Only squaring the leader edges is important, so I ignore squaring the sides as long as they allow a few inches for attaching the frame clamps.
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