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Edge to edge problem

edited February 2014 in HQ Pro-Stitcher
I recently upgraded my Pro Stitcher and am attempting to do an Edge to Edge design. On the previous version, I would use the "half-stitch, disable motor, advance quilt, RESET CURRENT RESUME POSITION, half-stitch, resume, resume" method for starting a second design row. I've read the discussion posted in September of 2013 regarding setting up the entire design on the quilt. I have an HQ Avante. In referencing the "Getting Started Guide" page 13, the first bullet states the machine will move to the start point of the second row and take a pull up stitch. At what point do I advance the quilt if the row is larger than the space between the rollers? I ran into the same problem as Donnareppo in that the machine will hit the front roller.


  • anyone find a way to stop the movement?
  • Same thing for me... I can program in the entire quilt size, but going from the end of the row to the beginning of the next just doesn't work for me. The only way I've been able to make a work-around is to just try to eye-ball where to start the next row, which is not the way I think it should work.
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