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Straight line quilting attachment?

edited April 2014 in Ask An HQ Expert
I have a HQ16 and am having a lot of trouble with quilting straight lines. I have the ruler base but it does not sit even with the needle plate (needle plate is at least 1/8" higher), causing ruler work to be inconsistent and bumpy looking. I do not have the pro-stitcher but would love to be able to find some sort of guide/attachment to make consistent straight lines perfectly. I have seen one somewhere but cannot remember where (of course). Anyone have any links or suggestions? I am not sure how the ruler base can be adjusted (if possible) to fit the machine better, kind of disappointing really.


  • Libie,

    When you are using a ruler you need to hold the ruler securely where the machine is quilting. If you are holding it right by your hopping foot, with your quilt loaded you shouldn't feel the "bump." Make sure you are not pushing down too hard.

    The other thing you can use is a channel lock. You can purchase them from your local rep. or you can order them directly from Handi Quilter. They will "rainbow" over the wheel's on your machine. This will hold your machine so you can only move it horizontally. You can also place them around the wheels on the carriage and move the machine vertically. This position does not hold as well as the wheels on the machine.

    Good luck,

    Cheryl Duncan
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator
  • Libie, this is the only thing about my Avante that I do not like. The throat plate is higher than the ruler base. My old long arm machine had it perfectly level. I used my ruler base as a template and cut an old rotary cutting matt to size and placed it on top of the ruler base. It is MUCH better. I need to get some contact paper or something slippery to cover it to reduce drag but this has helped me immensely.

    Katy in MI
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