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Bobbin winder

edited May 2014 in Ask An HQ Expert

I have a used bobbin winder. It came with my HQ 16 I bought used about 9 months ago. I am trying to wind bobbins and the thread keeps jumping out of the tension disc which causes a badly wound bobbin OR if the thread stays in the discs, I get loops on the bobbin, again a nice waste of thread. I have watched videos and know it's threaded correctly, adjusted the tensions both ways and moved the position of the tension disc. Any more suggestions, other then chucking it out into the rainstorm? :-)



  • Misty, I had the same problem and got some good advice from tech guy at HQ. Clean tension discs with alcohol and cue tip, getting in-between the discs. Also keep the tension loose, as stated in the instructions. You want the bobbin wound tightly, buy too tight can distort the shape of the bobbin (I ruined a few bobbins before I discovered this). Craig had other suggestions which I did not have to try and it involved putting a sock over the thread cone???
  • Hi Rocsmom69,
    The suggestions that astoriagal are good suggestions and I would recommend trying those. If you got one of our newer style bobbin winders from your rep (the new style has a case covering the motor and most moving parts) then I would also suggest rotating the little pigtail thread guide clockwise a few degrees, to ensure the thread is going into the tension disks at a better angle, which will help to keep the thread from jumping out of the tension disks. If you still encounter problems after this, feel free to give Handi Quilter a call and talk to our tech solutions team.

    ~Ty, Handi Quilter Tech. Solutions
  • Rocsmom69,

    I hope that you have been able to resolve your issue with the bobbin winder.

    When you wind a bobbin and it is not wound correctly, don't throw it away. Place the bobbin in a jar and wind it onto another bobbin. This way you are not wasting the thread.

    Good luck,

    Cheryl Duncan
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator
  • Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I haven't tried them out yet, I have a quilt demanding my attention. I resorted to a prewound bobbin this time. I'll check into it as quick as it is off the frame.

    Thanks for such quick replies!!

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