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Thread Slipping Out of Bobbin Case

I have an Avante 18. Yesterday while quilting with Gutermann 50 wt in the bobbin, same thread on top and using a 90/14 needle, my bobbin thread would occasionally slip out from under the tension spring and out the slot (thereby messing up my tension). Happened while using 2 different bobbins, usually when the bobbins were close to full. Otherwise my quilting/tension/etc. was fine. Do you have any recommendations? New bobbin case? Adjust bobbin case? Use less full bobbins? Any help appreciated...


  • Whimziequiltz,

    Since this is happening when the bobbin if full I think your bobbin may have been slightly over filled. If your bobbins are over filled they can cause this to happen. Just take a little thread off and this will help. You can also tighten your tension on the bobbin case just a very small amount.

    I hope this helps you.

    Good luck,

    Cheryl Duncan
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator
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