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Frame Size For Quilting

edited June 2014 in General
Can anyone tell me if a queen size quilt can be easily quilted on a 10 ft. frame? I am trying to make sure before I shrink a 12 ft. frame.
Thanks in advance!


  • You can quilt a 9 foot wide quilt on a 10 foot frame (likewise, an 11 foot wide quilt on a 12 foot frame). Asking about "queen size" is difficult, because some queen-size quilts are wider than others. Measure some of your queen-size quilts. If they come in at 108" or narrower, you'll be able to work within the constraints of a 10 foot frame.
  • FIY "Queen Size"'s the North American versions: Queen 60 in x 80 in, Olympic Queen 66 in x 80 in, a 10 foot frame with a quilting area capacity of 9 feet (108") should accommodate a Queen in either direction.
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