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Help with the correct way to tie off

Help I am working on a quilt and the pattern had a lot of tie offs. What is the correct way to cut the thread on top of the quilt after completing a tie off so that the stitching stays in place and does not unravel? I have the machine set to do 4 micro stitches after each tie off.


  • Mariemakesit,

    You want to tie off at the beginning and the end of your designs. To tie off at the first put your needle where you want to start. Hold the tail of thread with your left hand and with your right hand on the Up/Down button put your needle down, then bring it up. This will bring your bobbin thread to the top. Now do some tacking stitches or let the HQ Pro-Stitcher take its tie offs. I recommend not cutting your thread tails until you have stitched a little of the design. This way the threads will stay without pulling out.

    After you have finished your design, or the Pro-Stitcher has finished make sure you have completed your tie off stitches then move the machine away from where it finished. Grab the thread with your left hand and then move the machine back into the same place you finished. Now with your right hand press the needle Up/Down button down, and then back up. Keep holding the thread and move your machine away. As you move the machine it will bring your bobbin thread to the top. You can now trim all three threads you see.

    If you bring your bobbin threads to the top at the beginning and the end of your design you will not have threads hanging off the back of your quilt that can get caught as you are quilting and your won't have to go back and trim them later.

    Good luck,

    Cheryl Duncan
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator
  • I clip the thread tails about 3" long keeping them out of the way of quilting (they can be twisted together at this length) and go back after the quilt top is finished and bury the tails with a self-threading needle
  • How do you work a tie off with the sweet sixteen? I usually do small stitches but then tie them off manually after I have finished the quilt.
  • Lovequilts,

    You would do the tie off basically the same as you would with the machine on a frame. The difference would be that rather than moving the machine you would move the fabric. You can just take a couple of stitches back and forth by moving your fabric, then bring your bobbin thread to the top to clip your threads.

    Good luck,

    Cheryl Duncan
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator

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