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Top Thread wrapping around the hook assembly

edited August 2014 in Ask An HQ Expert
When I try to bring up the bobbin thread, the top thread wraps around the hook assembly. This has happened before. I followed protocol- checked needle, rethreaded the machine, cleaned and oiled the hook assembly, etc. Twice. Called your tech support then planned to make the 2 1/2 hour drive to the nearest authorized tech. I then went back to the machine, went through the whole procedure again. And it worked. So I went back to quilting project and quilted for an hour or so. Anchored my line of stitching, broke thread to move to another area, went to bring up the bobbin thread and this whole scenario has started all over again. Cant bring up the bobbin thread, top thread wrapped all around the hook assembly. I have also had issues with the machine sometimes not bringing the needle up or down when I use the manual needle up -down button. I also have to let the machine "warm up" before the tension is correct. The tension will be perfect. I turn off the machine for the day. The next morning the tension is horrendous until I run several rows of practice stitching until the tension is good again. Does my machine have a gremlin? Help- I LOVE my Sweetie- when its working.


  • JulesHan61,

    When you are putting your bobbin case in the hook asembly do you hold the latch on the bobbin case out? Don't hold the latch. You should hear the bobbin case "snap" into place.

    Your tension should stay the same from one night to the next morning. That is not typical. Make sure that you don't have any lint build-up inside your tension disks or in the hook on the outside of your bobbin case. If you are using a linty thread you need to make sure to keep machine clean. Lint can cause problems with your tension.

    I would agree with our Technical Solutions team. If they told you to take your machine into your local tech then I would do it.

    Good luck,

    Cheryl Duncan
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator

  • Thank Cheryl. Planning my trip to get Sweetie serviced.
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