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Finally got my Dream machine and now I'm so bummed!!!
  • Have had my Avante for 9 days and haven't managed to do any quilting. Been working on a test quilt & am having super trouble with tension. I actually spend more time under the frame on the floor looking at the back of the quilt than I do standing up!

    We manage to get the tension perfect, and when I turn on the machine the next morning everything has changed. (What??!!)

    Today I got the tension perfect, and actually was excited to own this machine, and then 20 minutes later the tension was awful (again).

    I can be quilting along and it sounds like the bobbin case is falling out, but the noise stops before I have time to actually push the stop button, and then it quilts along fine, but...the bottom stitches are completely bird nested in the spot from when the noise was heard.

    The bobbin case is VERY noisy with super loud clicking, always! My husband drove the machine while I was on the floor with a flashlight watching the bobbin and listening. It is a metal on metal sound.

    I own several domestic machines and we service them all. We are darn good with machines. So, that said, so far:

    1. I have changed the needle 3 times in this NEW machine. Yes, it is inserted properly & is the size needle for the thread I am testing.

    2. I have changed thread brands 4 times. (Glide, Isacord, Superior So-Fine and Omni)

    3. I have wound bobbins on the winder, & I have used top quality pre-wound bobbins, & I check the bobbin case tension with each bobbin change.

    I just don't understand how the tension can change overnight, or how it can change after only 20 minutes of use.

    I saved for YEARS to buy this machine, and I am ready to get rid of it and the frustrations that I have been through this past week, but I can't sell a faulty machine!

    Unfortunately, my dealer is a 3 hour super busy interstate drive from my home so I am not able to just pop into their business for assistance.

    Hope someone can offer me some assistance.

  • Hi,
    the tension of the superior thread is difficult on this machine. However, I never had the problem you describe. when However, I never had the problem you describe, a change the tension of the thread overnight. when I had this problem I was in daily contact with my retailer describing her difficulties. i leave in France, the decision was made to return the machine to England for a review under warranty, I paid nothing, I think you should do the same. like you i spend more time under the frame, now i take a glass with light to see the point under the frame...
    i have a noise on the bobine case it is a metal on metal sound also.......itis less important when the bobine is full, let me know
  • Tropicslady,

    Please call Handi Quilter at 1-877-697-8458, ext. 119., M-F, 8-5 MDT. I would love to speak to you and help you solve the issues you are having with your HQ Avante.

    Thank you,

    Cheryl Duncan
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator
  • Deb,
    I have the same tension issues with my Sweet Sixteen and my machine has behaved as if the timing is off-intermittently. I also live 3 hours from my authorized dealer. So frustrated! Please let us know what you find out about your machine!
  • I have had my Avante for over a year, I dealth with the newbie tensions at firsts but other than this I have never had a problem. I follow the rule, set the bobbin then work with the top, successful so far. Don't be scared to turn that top tension dial. I use superior thread exclusively and no issues as you are indicating.
  • Jul1esHan 61,

    Please call Handi Quilter at 1-877-697-8458, M-F, 8-5 MDT. and ask to speak with the Education department. We would like to help you with the issues you are having with your machine. I have e-mailed you and you can e-mail me back if that is better for you.

    Thank you,

    Cheryl Duncan
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator