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Quilt getting caught under edge of table

edited September 2011 in General
How do you keep the quilt from getting caught under the front edge of the table. It happens to me no matter what I try. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



  • I am not understanding your problem...the quilt top and back are both wound on poles, the batting hangs off the front of the bar and drapes on the floor. Are using a sit down machine...sweet sixteen?
  • I have a sweet sixteen sit-down machine. When I am quilting part of the quilt is in my lap or over my arms when I move the quilt towards the back of the machine it drags really badly.

  • I just got a sit down model and I understand what you mean. I've been free motion quilting for at least 16 years and have tried many different things. I've just bought the sixteen sit down machine and I see the front edge of the table is kind of ''squared''. This is why the quilt hangs up on it. What I've done is got myself a chair that will go up and down to different heights and I position my chair so my lap is right under the table and then when I have the quilt hanging off the front I can bunch it on my Lap so there's less drag on the quilt. If your Chair is up high, you might need to put your foot control up on something to reach it. I also have a small table on the sides so the quilt does hang off as much as possible. I hope this helps the way, I LOVE THIS MACHINE!!!!
  • Hello, just thought I'd let you know that I put a cheap non stick teflon applique sheet over the front edge of the table with painters tape and my quilt glides over the front edge of the table with no problem. Handi quilter should have made these tables with a more rounded edge but this seems to help. hope this works for you!!!! have a great day!!!
  • One thing I found out to do was use those plastic hand quilting clip together quilting "hoops." I clip 4 small ones on the front of the table and it really helps. But it sure would be great if Handiquilter would round off the front of the table as well as round the corners. Another thing I have tried is putting a TV table right under the front of the table which lets the quilt kind of lay on it instead of dragging down the front. It gives it some place in the front to lay instead of hang.
  • I push my quilt all the way to the back and quilt pulling forward. Nothing gets stuck. I have the quilt trapped on both sides. I can't quilt pushing forward-it gets stuck!
  • I too am having trouble with the quilt not sliding smoothly. I have the "mat" which is supposed to aid me, but it is not helping with this quilt. I feel it is the Wide Backing I have chosen which has NO sheen and is grabbing the table. I have read that Patsy Thompson uses ORMD Quilt Glide silicone spray. Also read that a lady uses a slicone mat taped over the edge of the Sweet Sixteen table with painters tape to prevent the catching and dragging of her quilts. As you can't post pressure packs through the post, does anyone know of a Silicone spray could purchase in Australia for this purpose?
  • I place a cushion on my lap to support quilt and this reduces catching on table front.
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