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which gadget?

edited October 2011 in General
Hi, would appreciate some advise from those with more experience: Should I get a Handi base and some rulers and guides, or should I get the micro handles? For the same amount of money, approx. $300.00, which do the wise women in mid/long arm quilting recommend?

Thank you,


  • I just got the micro handles and already love them for detailed work. But I will be interested in hearing the answer to your question because I didn't think that one would take the place of the other and hope someone else can fill us both in. I want to get the ruler base next. I think I would struggle with truly straight lines even with the micro handles. Anyone care to respond? Thanks! Sharon
  • I agree flyingdollar, one will not take the place of the other, am hoping to get more good stuff, but have to budget. Hopefully someone can give us some wise advise.
  • Hello Elaine, I just ordered the micro handles. When I purchased my HQ 18 back in June I also purchased the ruler base and some rulers. I had previously watched a video that featured ruler work and I was intrigued by it. I have done some "experimenting" with them, but find them to be difficult to master. I have had several instances where I wanted to do some detailed work and the micro handles would have come in handy. Mastering rulers is a worthy goal...and for me it's going to take some time, but as far as immediate productivity, I would recommend the micro handles.
  • I'm about 1 month shy from ordering my micro handles. I've been collecting rulers for the last 6 months. My thoughts ---- if I had to do it again, is to buy the micro handles and then gradually buy your rulers. You can buy one ruler a month or so and then you learn what ruler works for you. I have 2 long straightsided rulers that I wished I hadn't paid good money for!!!!
  • Hello flyingdollar: I guess no one is going to respond. I have given it some thought, and have decided to get a base and maybe some rulers. I think I might be able to design close quilting with some of the rulers
  • Thank you everyone for your input, and wisdom. I'm glad I held off buying anything. I appreciate the time and comments everyone provided. I love the look of close quilting, and llike the organic look of free-hand quilting, so it sounds like the microhandles would be a good choice for my xmas present to me.... Thank you.

    Keep the comments pro and con coming.

    Best wishes, Elaine
  • One definitely doesn't replace the other one....rulers and the base will be used for certain techniques while the micro-handles are great for others. In my short time of learning the machine, I think the base and rulers are the way to go first, that way you can master the techniques and get the feel for the machine before trying to do things micro-sized.

    Have fun with your new toy!
  • Hello everyone,
    I ended up getting the ruler base and small ruler. I am very pleased with my decision. Even without the micro handles, I have more control over my small stiple stitching with the ruler base. thank you everyone for your comments.
    Now I need to find micro handles at a discount....anyone have these?
  • you can email me at
    Thanks, Elaine
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