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HQ Sweet Sixteen SIT DOWN

edited November 2011 in General
Just received my machine on monday and quilted a bed runner.I absolutley love this machine. Was concerned because alot of people talked about skipped stitches and I've tried all different kinds of thread and adjusted tensions and had no problems. Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi Saydee... after having your machine now for a few months, how are you liking it? I am looking at the Sweet 16 sit down. I am really looking for the pros and cons of it.
  • I've had my machine for 1 and a half years now and really have found no cons. I Love Love it, and you can see my work at I do everything on my sit down sweet sixteen. If you like to free motion, you'll love this machine !!!
  • I have had my sweet 16 sit down for months now and am so frustrated. It has sat 10 times more then I have gotten to use it. Every time I have to change the bobbin, I have to reset the tension. I'm really ok with that part if it were really that easy. I have to sit on the floor to put the new bobbin back into the machine, then its so hard to get back up to sit in the chair, then I try it out on my scraps only to find a nest under it. So, I sit back down on the floor to take the bobbin back out, I test it again, seems to be just like in the "TNT" video, I adjust again, put it back in, again, hard to get back up to the chair. Test it again, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr so then I just walk away. It seems to take my 15 mins to 2 hours to get it right. The TNT video is great but would be more helpful if it would show what could happen and how to fix it. I have looked for classes and was told about the retreat, but I jut can not afford that. Any other videos out there?
  • Try to do more adjusting with your tension knob on top.Your bobbin tension should be where if you lay the bobbin case in your hand and pull the thread out, it should lift up sightly.Place back in machine and do your adjusting on top tension. Don't be afraid to turn that knob sometimes whole turns around. Remember, clockwise is tighter and counter clockwise is looser.Give this a try. I rarely adjust my bobbin and I do machine quilting for a Quilt shop.Lots of it. Saydee
  • When I tested my Sweetie at the dealer's, she taught me how to insert the bobbin by feel. I hold the bobbin case with the point of the little flap thing going straight out to the right putting the hole in the top of the bobbin case straight up. I find the center post with my left hand, then slide the whole thing in place. You can hear a distinct click when it goes into place. I lower the needle to pull up the bobbin thread and there you are. So far it has never failed. Removing the bobbin that way is easy, as I just feel the little flap thing and pull it out, don't need to see it at all. I do bend over and look after I take the bobbin case out, then run the brush around inside the bobbin assembly, and off to both sides, removing any fluff that has accumulated. I can do this from my chair. Only time I get down on the floor is when I drop something underneath. Try it and trust all your senses - sound and feel as well as sight.
  • I just bought a sweet 16 and I love it. I haven't had enough time to really play with it, but I'm looking forward to using it more.
  • I am a new owner of a SS and a very new free-motion quilter, as in I am now practicing for my first-ever project, a table runner (thought I'd start small for a first time!). I am doing a swirly design and at first was very frustrated because I was having a great deal of tension trouble. After reading posts on this forum and another I am going back to the drawing board and starting all over trying to get the tension set correctly. I think my bobbin tension will need a slight adjustment to tighten, then I will see what I can do with the top tension, rethreading my machine. Since I had never done free-motion quilting before, I am thinking part of my problem could be making sure to keep the fabric oriented squarely as I am quilting and not circle it around the needle, however slightly. I think I am really close on figuring out the issues. Though I do not have much time on the machine, I think I will love it once I figure out the tension. At any rate, I am determined to make this work after spending $5000 on the machine, not to mention the thread, tension gauges, etc. I have invested in. As for getting on the floor for the bobbin, I don't do that. Either I feel my way through it or take the needle plate off so I can see the bobbin case in the machine. Hope sharing my experiences helps! Sherryl
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