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edited November 2011 in Ask An HQ Expert
I would like to know what you all like using in your bobbins. I like using a variety of threads and just cant seem to get the top and bottom set just right. I waist so much thread is drives me crazy. By the time I am ready to quilt I got most of the bobbin thread used. Just would like some ideas on what people do to get there set.


  • I like to use superiors bottom Line and so fine #50 in my bobbin in a color to match my backing.I set the bobbin tension first and then I put whatever on for a top thread and start adjusting the top tension. I don't seem to have much trouble.
  • Thanks so much Saydee, I was using the bottom line and it worked like a dream. Guess I will just have to invest in the colors to match. It seems that the bottom line worked well before, so I guess I should stick to it. I just wanted that King Tut to match what I was putting on the back and it was the only color at the time I could find to match. I really appreciate your input
  • I've also tried Wonderfil's Decobob which works quite well in the bobbin thread
  • I've used Omni. Doesn't seem to matter. Still having problems.
  • Carolyn, I've used Omni on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. Haven't had any problems with that combination.
    Omni is a Tex-30, 40wt., and might be too thick for the bobbin. Try a 60 wt. in your bobbin. Good luck.
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