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Precision Glide Track

edited December 2011 in General
I've an HQ16 with the old track and was thinking about upgrading it to the new precision glide track. I was wondering if there is a noticable improvement in controlling machine movement especially with slow speeds. Thanks in advance for a reply.


  • I was wondering the same thing, I'm not quite ready to spend the money on the upgrade yet without hearing more from current owners that have been using their machine for a while. Ive only had mine for about 5 months (is a 6 year old machine- bought it used)
  • I bought the new tracks in December along with the new frame and am very happy with the purchases. My old vinyl tracks were bumpy so that the machine didn't flow smoothly over them making it hard to control the machine's movements. The new tracks make the movement smooth.
  • good to know! Thank you! I'm planning on purchasing them later in the year along with the pole/sidearm upgrade.
  • I'm still deciding on upgrading with the new tracks and pole system. Will the new pole system solve the "bowing" of the old system? I find that my tops and backing, although square when loaded on the machine, the take up pole sags in the center and makes the "sandwich" tighter in the center and loose/baggy on the sides creating a distorted top.
  • I got my upgrades, installed them myself and am LOVING it!!! It's like having a brand new machine!!! It's solved my problems!! Best purchase I've made all year!
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