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securing groovy boards

edited January 2012 in Ask An HQ Expert
I have never found a convenient way to secure groovy boards to my Fusion frame table. I presently place the groovy board against the rear aluminum track and use a 12 foot long piece of wood along the front edge of the boards to hold them snug. I use woodworking shop clamps to hold the boards tight against the rear track. This has been less than satisfactory for a couple of reasons:
1. The boards have dislodged and slipped up over the rear aluminum track, throwing off my stitching pattern.
2. My method is a little cumbersome while shifting the groovy boards on wide quilts. I have only two boards of each pattern, so they have to be moved for each pass.
My old (Baby Lock Grace Pinnacle) table had slots cut into the table panels which I believe were intended be used to clamp the groovy boards in place. The Fusion table doesn't.


  • Try using the rubber type shelf liner under the boards. I use it on my Quilt-ez boards. Keeps them from moving for me.
  • Thanks for the idea. However, my problem is compounded by the fact that I (more frequently) use pantographs positioned under a protective acetate sheet. The acetate is taped to the work table and doesn't provide a very secure surface to use gripper material on groovy boards. The strips that come attached to the back of the boards don't hold, even when placed against the bare work table surface.
  • I use command strips
  • My (less than convenient) method has been to place a 12 foot long piece of wooden baseboard molding. It is thin enough to allow the stylus to pass over it when the point is retracted. I clamp the board to the table at each end with a little pressure against the edges of the groovy boards. This makes the groovy boards fit snugly against the back carriage track. A mark on the edge of the track with a dry erase pen indicates the end of the groovy board.
  • I recently started placing a 12inch wide roll of no slip shelf liner under the boards. Them some blue painters tape on boards. This helps greatly. Pam
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