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Groovy Boards for sale

edited January 2012 in General
I have lots of Groovy Boards for sale, I also have the boards from Quilt EZ Templates. They are both made by the same company. If you are interested I'll send you a list privately.



  • I would be interested. send email to me at
  • Please email me. I might be interested if they are not some I already have. My email address is

  • I might be interested if you have any boards left. Contact me at Thanks so much.
  • Hello, I would be interest also. Please email me at Thanks, Kathleen
  • Would you please e-mail me your list, also? I'm interested, too. Thank you.
  • Would you please e-mail me your list of boards? Thanks.
  • So do u have any left?
  • If you have any left, please email me at Thanks.
  • If you have any left please email me @ TY
  • Would you please e-mail me a price list of you boards at Thank-you
  • Curious. I'm new to machine quilting and wondering why so many groovy boards are for sale. Assuming they are used for edge to edge quilting, are you moving on to a different style of free motion? Are you disliking the patterns? Just curious!
  • Hello Linda, I know i sent you an email before, but i am not sure i received it. So if you don't mind would you send it again to me at (that is if you have any left). Thanks, Kathleen
  • I am interested in purchasing Groovy Boards, please email me with a price list and the boards for sale.
  • bonnieb2, I am also new to this, and have purchased quite a few used (and new) groovy boards myself, so I will share my experience. Some people get rid of their groovy boards when they upgrade to computerized machine. Others may just find they dont use a particular design anymore. I don't think it is a negative reflection on the boards or patterns. They are great designs, easy to use, and quite durable. I think there is a good resale market for the boards as they are so expensive new, and are a great tool for beginners. Have you tried them? Sheri
  • Hi, I would also like info on your boards. Please send me pics. Thanks Tanya
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