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Wanted: Sit down Sweet Sixteen... used
  • If anyone know about a used machine for sale I'd appreciate a notice.
    I have one and my friend wants to get one, but would like a used one.
  • Don't know where you live but I live in Tulsa, OK. I have just put my Sweet Sixteen up for sale. It is only 8 months old and am asking $3990. email address is:
  • I'm looking for a used Handi Quilter sweet sixteen sit down. If anyone has one for sale, please contact me at auxanng@gmail.com. Thanks very much.
  • Looking for gently used HQ Sweet 16 sit down machine. If you know of one, please e-mail me at wendy.ross@svh-mt.org
  • I'm interested in a used HQ Sweet 16 machine. I'm in Virginia. Please email me at sylgould@aol.com. Thanks!
  • I'm interested in a used HQ Sweet Sixteen also. I am in Ocala, FL. Please email me at
  • Hello - I am interested in a used HQ Sweet 16 machine. In Atlanta, GA. Please email me at stitch124@charter.net with the subject: Used Sweet 16. Thanks much.