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Please explain the differences between the HQ Sixteen and the Sweet Sixteen

edited October 2012 in Ask An HQ Expert
please explain the differences between an HQ Sixteen made/purchased in 2004, a Sixteen Sit-Down made/purchased in 2010 and a Sweet Sixteen.
I know the machines look the same, but are they the same inside? Do they perform the same?


  • All Handi Quilter machines with the word "Sixteen" in the model name refer to a machine with a 16" throat. An HQ Sixteen purchased in 2004 would have been a machine that was designed to be operated on a stand-up frame system.

    An HQ Sixteen Sit-Down machine purchased in 2010 was an HQ Sixteen machine adapted for sit-down use by a change in internal software and the addition of a display screen in the C-Pod on the side of the machine, a foot pedal and a table. It had speed control and the ability to choose needle up/down default and its internal mechanism was the same as the original HQ Sixteen. It is still a perfectly functional machine, sometimes available from original owners. The original sit-down machine had a slight hesitation in stitching when the foot pedal is first depressed. This machine cannot be updated to accept TruStitch stitch regulation.

    The HQ Sweet Sixteen, introduced in the fall of 2010, has the same casting as the other two previously mentioned machines, but it was updated inside (different motor and mechanism) and has a touch screen on the front of the machine for easier use. It features user-defined pre-sets for speed control, needle up/down default as well as a half-stitch control. It has an immediate response when depressing the foot pedal.

    All Sweet Sixteens that are produced today are TruStitch-ready (TruStitch is a stitch regulation add-on that was introduced Spring 2012). The earliest HQ Sweet Sixteens can be updated (for free) by the factory to accept TruStitch. The TruStitch can be used with or without depressing the foot pedal.

    Best regards,
    Brenda Groelz
    Director of Marketing & Education
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