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Comparison of first HQ Sixteen, HQ Sixteen Sit-Down and Sweet Sixteen

edited October 2012 in General
I asked this question in the "Ask an Expert" and havent received an answer and I noticed that the same question was asked earlier and was not answered either. Can someone please explain the differences between an HQ Sixteen made/purchased in 2004, a Sixteen Sit-Down made/purchased in 2010 and a Sweet Sixteen?
I know the machines look the same, but are they the same inside? Have there been improvements in the machine? Do they perform the same? I know that you cant use TruStitch with the HQ Sixteen. Are there other differences?


  • This is what a local dealer says and it partially answers your question:

    "There are several variations in those machines. The HQ 16 was the original sewing machine by HQ. It was available in a sit down version though the advertising did not make that apparent. It does not have all the "sit-down" options designed and engineered into the current Sweet 16. The user touch screen did not exist yet for example. Internally the changes are even more significant. The new and more powerful motor used on the Fusion and Avante is also used on the Sweet16. There is a belt drive between the upper and lower shaft making the machine quieter than the gear transmission on the older HQ16."
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