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HQ Sweet Sixteen Sit-Down table - sliding fabric

edited July 2011 in General
I would like to purchase this model for my wife. Yesterday we visited our local dealer and gave the machine a good test drive. Our concern was with the table top. When we place a 65" square quilt on the table it was hard to slide it around as the table seemed not to be slick enough. Is there a way to make it more slippery like rubbing a dryer sheet on the surface or some kind of was coating? We did roll up the quilt and were using those special gloves for a better grip on the fabric. Owners of this products suggestions are most appreciated.


  • Hi, I just bought one of these "sweeties" a couple of weeks ago and have only tested it out on small pieces, but love it so far! This question has come up several times at our guild - about how to help fabric move smoothly (when using regular sewing machines) and the answers that came up were:
    Spray the surface/table area with a silicone-based spray (ie Quilt Glide) or a silicon furniture polish (not having personally tried these, don't know if there are any issues with residue); alternatively you can buy a teflon sheet and cut it to the size you want and put it over the table area; there is a small (12" x 18") one sold for this purpose called "Sew Slip" (google it), but you may be able to find a local company that sells this in rolls/large pieces.
    And just to mention, make sure when quilting you are holding/moving the fabric more with your finger than placing yours hands flat.
    Hope that helps!
  • My husband waxed the TABLE with car wax and boy, does it make a difference! There's also a "Supreme Slider" sold that is basically a teflon sheet that you put on top of the throat plate that helps a lot.

    Good luck and I hope you get your wife one of these babies! She'll love it!

    Sandy S
  • I LOVE my Sweet Sixteen!!!! My only problem has been adjusting tension. But am getting the hang of it.
  • The "Sew Slip" is a knock off of the original "Free motion slider". The slider is 1000% better and you can purchase them just about anywhere. Google it
  • I've had mine for about 9 months now and love love love it.I just use pledge furniture polish on it and it slides pretty good, but I think I'll try to use car wax like someone else did. The more slippery, the better!!!!!!!! Michele
  • I have the top made for the machine it works great.
  • How about a clear plastic shower curtain. Cut this to size to fit the whole table and cut out a whole for the needle. I got one for $7 at Walmart.
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